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Renu Bala - Artist

You look at the fish and think of it as an aquatic animal, I look at the fish and wonder how this beautiful creature is a symbol of patience. You look at the Nuts and Bolts and think of it as tools, I look at them and wonder how they are a symbol of discipline. That is why in my art, the symbols appear to explain the essence of life. The life between birth and death is all about thoughts, fantasies and memories. You communicate your emotions through a bundle of words, I being an artist, have a different perception. I communicate my emotions through my art pieces. My way of expression includes sculpture and drawings. From imagination, I create art work, from symbols I reveal my emotions. I believe that the process of learning of everyone starts with birth. We understand human relationships around us through perception and believe.
Although it is since 2005, that I have been active in the field of art but when it comes to technical know-hows with academic education, I started experimenting with different mediums. I have worked on all the mediums like soil, stone, wood, metal and metal etching.

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